Welcome to FundScrip, our ongoing fundraising program.

This program is used to fund our March Break Trips, which are fully funded by the Corps and provided to your cadet completely free of charge. It is also used to fund exciting training weekends, as well as our team equipment and clothing. As such an important element of our fundraising portfolio, we do appreciate full participation from ALL of our cadet families. Keep reading below to see how this is the easiest and most convenient form of fundraising for our families to participate in!

What Is FundScrip?

FundScrip is a gift card program. Cadet families will purchase gift cards through this program for the things they already buy as a household, such as groceries and gasoline (full list of retailers, and new retailers are added regularly)

How Does the Corps Benefit?

Each gift card that is purchased results in a payment to the Corps of between 2% and 12% (and occasionally more, during special promotions)

Do I Pay More Than Face Value for My Gift Cards?

No, you pay the face value of the gift card, exactly. A $25 gift card will cost you $25.

Will the Gift Card Be Accepted at the Store like a Regular Gift Card?

Yes. In fact, these gift cards ARE regular gift cards, exactly the same ones you would purchase from the store, itself. And, since the store treats them like cash, you also get to earn points from any points program the store offers (ie. PC Points at Fortinos).

What Are We Really Asking You to Do?

We are asking you to purchase all the things you already purchase as a household. Groceries, gas, books, movies, fast food, restaurants, clothing, etc. We are not asking you to spend any money that you do not already spend. We are also not asking you to sell anything door-to-door, though we welcome your friends, family, and neighbours to also participate in this program, so you should definitely spread the word. You simply need to plan your purchases ahead of time so that you can allow for the delivery time frames, which can take a few weeks.