FundScrip Instructions

Primary Method of Placing Orders

This is the preferred method of placing FundScrip orders. It is free of shipping charges for you, and free for the Corps, as well, as long as we hit a minimum order amount. This method involves placing paper orders by the deadline each month, and receiving the gift cards at the end of each month. So it means planning ahead.

  • Print out the paper order form which you will receive by email each month
  • Use this form to record all orders for your household. You can also record orders for friends, family, and neighbours on the same form, or you can print out additional forms for them. Or you can just email the form and they can print it out, themselves.
  • One cheque must be attached to each paper form you submit, with the cheque amount matching the order total on the form. Make cheques payable to 2379 Burlington Army Cadets.
  • Submit your order form(s) with cheque(s) by the due date each month. These should be provided to the Support Committee on any cadet night.
  • You should attend CO's Parade each month to pick-up your order.

Secondary Method of Placing Orders

If at any time you realize that you need a gift card for something quickly, that cannot wait until the end of the month, you can place a direct order which will be shipped to your house in 3 to 7 business days, in regular mail. As long as you do not order more than 4 gift cards, and they total less than $500, your shipping charge will only be $0.96. Alternatively, you can also order E-Cards, which arrive in your email within 30 minutes of ordering (if paid by EFT, delays exist with Online Bill Payment - see below), with no shipping charge, since no actual card is sent to you. Only certain retailers offer E-Cards.

  • Visit, and click on Support a Group.
  • Enter the Invitation Code : 66QWZM
  • Create an account for yourself, with login and password
  • Add cards to your shopping basket
  • Checkout to pay
  • You can pay by EFT, for example: it is the same as paying your Hydro bill. EFT application form is attached.
  • As an alternative, you can pay by Online Bill Payment. Simply log into your online banking and set up a new payee for bill payments. This method results in a delay with FundScrip of approximately 3 days as they wait for your payment to arrive from your bank (the same as with any online bills you already pay).
*** Do NOT pay by Visa or Visa Debit ***

The percentage the Corps receives (ie. 3% from grocery cards) is reduced by almost 2% for using Visa, leaving us with potentially only 1% profit.