Welcome to Burlington Army Cadets

2379 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

"Opening Parade" is at 18:30 hrs (6:30pm) every Thursday evening, from September through June. Unless advised otherwise, all Officers, Civilian Instructors/Volunteers and Cadets will be present at that time.

"Closing Parade' is approximately 20:45 hrs (8:45pm) with cadets usually being dismissed no later than 21:00 hrs (9:00pm). Parents and/or guardians are invited to be present at closing parade. All Cadets must be picked up and off site no later than 21:30 hrs (9:30pm).

The Corps commences training on the first Thursday of September following Labour Day and continues until the end of June when regular corps training ceases for the duration of the summer.

Cadets are encouraged to participate in additional training by applying for Summer Courses, which are held at various Cadets Training Centres throughout the summer months.

No parades are usualliy scheduled during the Christmas and March school breaks (although some optional activities may be held during this time).

Commanding Officer's Parades (inspections and presentations by the Commanding Officer) will be held as detailed on the Corps calendar (usually the last Thursday of every month).

Cadets are expected to attend Field Training Exercises (FTXs) on designated weekends where possible. Failure to attend the FTXs may cause a cadet to not be able to complete critical "Performance Objectives" of his/her mandatory training for the year. This may result in the cadet not being able to obtain their star level qualification in that given year.