Donate to the Burlington Army Cadets

The Army Cadet Program is a unique and amazing opportunity for Canadian youth. It provides the best type of training possible, emphasizing responsibility, independence, leadership, problem solving, discipline, dress and deportment, citizenship, team building, and physical fitness. While the basic program is funded by the Canadian Department of National Defense, each individual Corps offers additional activities (also provided free of charge) which depend heavily on various forms of fundraising, including corporate sponsorship, tag days, and private donations from individual supporters.

The funds raised are absolutely vital to the continued success of the Burlington Army Cadet Corps. We take the cadets on FTX (Field Training Exercise) weekends to teach them about nature and camping, map and compass, orienteering, night navigation, high ropes courses, and more. We also take the cadets on special training for canoeing, skiing and abseiling. As well, there are several teams at the Corps, like marksmanship and orienteering, which require equipment and team outfits. Finally, the Corps tries to take the cadets on a March Break trip each year for several days, fully paid, to teach the cadets about history and citizenship. None of this would be possible without considerable fundraising.

Please consider donating to our Corps. All donations are tax deductible. Click on the link below to donate directly to the Army Cadet League of Canada, which is the fastest, easiest way to donate. You can direct your donation directly to our Corps by using the following information :

  • Army Cadet League of Ontario - Donation form
  • Enter the following info into the optional message for the Cadet League field:
  • Cadet Corps #: 2379
  • Cadet Corps name: RHLI
  • Corps Address: 3230 Fairview Street, Burlington, ON